Las Vegas CES | CreateLED 2020 first industry event scene

At 10 am local time on January 7, 2020 in the United States, the annual global consumer electronics industry weathervane, the 2020 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) officially kicked off at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This CES exhibition will last for four days. As a professional service provider of LED display solutions, CreateLED created an exquisite audiovisual feast for the guests at the first important industry exhibition in 2020.

Approaching the CreateLED booth
The first thing that catches my eye are

CreateLED has pure image quality
HD 4k AirTV-1.25
And with excellent color expression
HD indoor LED display
There is also a unique shape of the magic cube screen
Brought it to the audience
A stunning visual enjoyment

At this 2020 US CES exhibition, CreateLED Optoelectronics showed the cutting-edge and cutting-edge technological achievements of CreateLED to professional audiences around the world with high-end products. As a reliable large-screen supplier, CreateLED Optoelectronics will continue to explore to provide customers with more comprehensive solutions, and strive to make Chinese smart manufacturing brands go abroad.

The exciting exhibition will continue, if you have the opportunity, please don't miss this visual feast, we are waiting for you at the scene!