xR virtual reality

An Advanced Studio xR visual solution has been developed by CreateLED specifically for xR use in the Film Production and Broadcasting industry. This breakthrough solution is called the AirMAG-R.
Creating the canvas for Virtual Production is not just building a large LED screen. Studio Creatives need a total system solution where the LED panel visual, optical and mechanical performance are tuned with the total solution.  The image processing, control and color coupled with the camera capture systems work together, complementing and strengthening each other to achieve stunning production results.
The AirMAG-R 2.6mm, based on advanced generation flip chip COB technology, has proved itself to be the right product for the job, by virtue of its remarkable stability, unparalleled physical durability, as well as full color gamut and the robust illumination performance.The AirMAG-R series is superior to existing xR display solutions.
Because of the unique design in to its stacking, hanging and curved installation options, the AirMAG-R 2.6mm flip chip COB LED panels offer flexible installation solutions for even the most demanding requirements. Through concave or convex curving a larger field of view and a more immersive experience can be envisioned in the studio.  AirMag-R series is an essential tool for all creatives in the studio.




XR technology can make your film shooting and hosting activities more vivid,and then the audience will have an Immersive viewing experience.