Ultimate Black

Ebony-Tech Show Video

Ebony Substrate Layer Instead of Usual Mask
Better Protection for LED Lights
Better Resistance to Water and UV Rays
Superior Image Quality

Widest Viewing Angle

Ebony Technology maximizes viewing angle.
Widest viewing angle that is close to 180 degrees.

Superior Contrast

Conventional Mask
Ebony Technology
The ratio of the luminance of white to that of black defines contrast ratio that the screen can produce.
CreateLED engineers designed the new Ebony Black layer with that in mind.
The substrate layer minimizes space between the diodes making the surface of the modules almost
completely black.
Ebony layer coated panels can produce superior contrast ratio of up to 10,000:1.

HD, Damage-proof

Cured adhesive layer added on the top of the module mask,protects SMD resulting in reduced LED lights
damage rate during transportation and handling.Better protection of LED’s allows smaller pixel pitch to
be achieved.4K,8K resolution screens are available with Ebony Technology.


New Ebony protective layer completely coats the SMD, as a result modules are better resistant to
external factors including humidity, wind, corrosion, high temperatures and UV rays.

Two Option:

Ebony Technology provides you with two options: glossy or matte finish. Glossy surface gives bright
and vivid colors, and can fully replace an LCD screen. Matte finish provides non-reflective surface and
anti-glare effect.

Matte finish


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