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Congratulations!CreateLED Was Rewarded Top 100 Innovative Enterprises

Oct 30th,2019

The 17th China Public Security Expo Organizing Committee awarded the Innovation 100 Enterprise Award to Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co.Ltd on October 28, 2019.

Since the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in 1989,CPSE has been through 30 years.CPSE served more than 9,700 security companies and 651,741 buyers. It already become the largest exhibition in the world and the most influential exhibition in Asia.

As an excellent system solution provider,Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co.Ltd has participated in two consecutive sessions of CPSE.As early as 2017,CreateLED Electronics debuted the AirMAGICBOX at the CPSE, which aimed at the high-end LED display for the creative and customized marketing.CreateLED Electronics shared the monitoring command center visual command and dispatch, video reconnaissance application, command center display control and other solutions and upgraded new products to customers, media and audience.In addition,CreateLED Electronics displayed the multi-directional and full-view monitoring command center overall solution on site.

AirTV relyed on leading video processing technology and video display technology at the CPSE Expo.CreateLED Electronics launched the visual command and dispatch, video surveillance application and command center LED display control with the "Smart Display+Think" 4K HD command center large screen.The seamless splicing technology combined with the surface black technology has attracted many visitors to observe and experience.Visitors have expressed great appreciation for the fine and clear quality of AirTV.

For more than ten years, CreateLED Electronics has taken root in the global high-end technology field, aiming to provide customers with high-performance products and high-value services. It has already laid out in the security field in advance, providing a professional LED display solutions for the security market and the construction of smart cities. At the 30th anniversary of this CPSE Expo, Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co.Ltd. won the top 100 innovation enterprise award, which is enough to show that CreateLED Electronics has made remarkable achievements in the security field .

In the future, we will continue to work hard in the industry and never forget our original intention. We will occupy the high-end core market at domestic and overseas by virtue of competitive product features such as "HD, seamless splicing, durable".We strive to make the LED display screen of CreateLED into a scientific and technological cultural symbol in the industry and boost the development of smart city.