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Create the Beautiful Sky Art Gallery for the Headquarters of Rihuan

Dec 03th,2019

The sky art gallery project was officially completed on September 2019. It's built by Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics.Co., Ltd. for the headquarters of Rihuan.Because the LED display needs to be mounted on a steel frame structure 10 meters away from the ground, the weight of the product itself is particularly important. AirMEDIA-10 was successfully selected for this project due to its thin, high-definition and durable advantages. It is known as the ideal outdoor vision solution.

Sky art gallery project is equipped with a total of three display screens, the total area of the project is 540 ㎡. The East display is 70 ㎡, and the North and South are 230 ㎡ each. The size of each cabinet is 500mm * 1000mm, the refresh rate is 2000 Hz, and the brightness is 5000 nits. In any environment, it can present a super clear and colorful picture quality, which is the best choice for advertising. In addition, the product has a 120 degree viewing angle in the vertical direction, and high-quality display effect can be obtained where viewing from any angles.

When night falls and everything around is quiet, the brilliant picture quality on the display screen is even more compelling. Excellent display effect and vivid color contrast make it the most beautiful landscape in the night sky. This is the perfect combination of technology and art, and it is also the fruit of labor of everyone.

The art gallery project was constructed on a steel frame structure 10 meters above the ground. All products need to be lifted by trailer before installation. The installation method adopted is fixed installation. Because of its unique structural design, AirMEDIA-10 can quickly complete the disassembly and assembly of modules from the front or back, which brought great convenience to the implementation of this project.

The completion of the art gallery project was greatly praised by Japanese customers. This is not only a recognition of CreateLED Electronics' products and strength, but also highlights the international influence of CreateLED brand.In the future, CreateLED Electronics will continue to cultivate in the industry without forgetting its original intention, and strive to make CreateLED a cultural symbol in the industry.