New&CreateLED LED displays glisten at Auto Shanghai 2017

CreateLED LED displays glisten at Auto Shanghai 2017

Apr 04th,2019


National Shanghai Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China, 24th April 2017. Every two years Shanghai is proud to be the host city to one of the world’s largest automobile shows.

The 17th International Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, known as “Auto Shanghai 2017”, will be held from April 19th to April 28th 2017 at the National Shanghai Exhibition and Convention Centre. This show was founded in 1985 and attracts in excess of 10 500 journalists’ during the first two days, which are allocated to the Media industry, after which the show is open to the public.

Since 2009, the Chinese passenger car market has been the largest in the world. Vehicle sales over the past few years have been boosted by various government policies which has helped stimulate the industry.

The CreateLED brand of professional LED displays is often specified by the most discerning automobile manufacturers. This year, Cadi-llac, Buick and McLaren have all made use of CreateLED displays to showcase their latest models.

The screens were supplied and erected by the specialist promotions company AV Promotions LTD, conveniently based in Shanghai, Macau, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. AV Promotions LTD have a long standing relationship with CreateLED and the Auto Shanghai Show.

“We can confidently recommend the CreateLED brand to all our Auto Shanghai clients because of their ease of use and amazing image quality”, commented AV Promotions LTD, “We ae also able to offer crea-tive solutions to our clients”

The AirMAG range of high definition indoor LED display’s ticks all the boxes for car show application's. The high contrast ratio, high colour fidelity and mechanical precision of the AirMAG range combine seamlessly to create vivid surreal images, making CreateLED the premium brand of choice on international stages like Auto Shanghai 2017. Available in a variety of pixel pitch options, the AirMAG range offers clients a solution for every application.

CreateLED is a global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance LED displays for indoor and outdoor use. “We are very honored to have CreateLED represented at this prestigious location” said Mr. Cheng Zhou, Founder of Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co. Limited.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and operating in a global market, CreateLED is one of the nation's leading designers and manufacturers of LED screen technology.

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