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CreateLED shows ‘Magic Light Art’ at the 2018 Las Vegas NAB Show

Apr 04th,2019


As one of the most prestigious, world’s premier trade show in United States, NAB Show indisputably aroused extensive attention as always with its unique tagline ‘Where content comes to life’. The exhibition content covers lots of aspects that include ARR/VRR, e-sports, movies, games and online video, while NAB Show has become a giant for broadcast and television media professionals around the world.

The show of 2018 took place in the most fancy  city Las Vegas through April.9-April.12, just like always, more than 100 thousands professionals that coming from 160 countries were drawn into this grand meeting. Also, more than 1,600 manufacturers and suppliers of global communications broadcasting equipment and technology showcased the latest products in today’s communication media.

For this grand gathering, CreateLED provides its high-grade, high-end and high-precision product group:


AirIM Indoor Hoisting

Newly launched Intelligent Display Unit, each module works as a discrete display device

1.Module Size: 200 x 150mm, ideal for 16:9 / 4:3 ratio;

2.Versatile Display, easy to stack and front serviceable;

3.Ultra slim(15mm)&light(500g);

4.Dedicated to high-level conference room, airport, CBD, exhibition, etc;


Creative cube design, ideal for multi-purpose combinations.

1.High contrast ratio for 4000:1,high color fidelity, vivid image;

2.Easy Installation, maintenance

3.Quiet operation


Height adjustable floor display, extra wide viewing angle, applied with the IP65 waterproof, ideal for any uneven floor.

1.Superior color performance;

2.Sturdy and waterproof;

3.Low Power Consumption;


Advanced high definition indoor LED display; Small pixel pitch giving a big world

1.Super slim&lightweight;

2.Front&back Serviceable;

3.Advanced side entry cable management

CreateLED’s booth attracted a lot of professionals for its advanced and creative design.AirMAGICBOX, the most unique newly launched product from CreateLED, the shiniest star of the booth, was designed for the high-end, customization and innovation needs market.

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