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Inter BEE 2019丨CreateLED Brings You an Extraordinary Visual Enjoyment

Nov 15th,2019

November 14th is the 2nd day of Inter BEE 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. This is a comprehensive media event that brings together the latest innovations in video, broadcasting, communications, audio, lighting and the media business under one roof. The CreateLED 220'' small pixel pitch LED Display AirTV-1.25 showed on this event has attracted many visitors to enjoy its superior image quality and fluent video.


With the strong promotion of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, Inter BEE has become the most influential, authoritative and popular professional exhibition in Japan's domestic radio and television industry, and also one of the most famous professional radio and television exhibitions in East Asia. Every Inter BEE exhibition attracts a large number of equipment manufacturers and service providers in the field of China's Radio and Television Media. This year, the total exhibition area is 540,00 square meters. It attracts 1,158 enterprises to participate, which hits a new record high.

As a global leader in overall solutions for LED displays, Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co. Ltd. has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality LED displays and the most suitable solutions for their application needs. The AirTV-1.25 showed on this Inter BEE exhibition is the best choice for the radio and television industry.

AirTV-1.25 is also equipped with chromaled system, which supports 10bit / 12bit input, rich and delicate picture color, smoother transition, and more uniform low gray.Of course, the exciting appearance of this AirTV-1.25 product is also inseparable from the video source specially provided by NHK TV in Japan and the Japanese Kisuko video processor.The exhibition will last until 5:00 p.m. on November 15. We are looking forward to your visit and guidance at booth 3508, and we believe that it will bring you an extraordinary visual enjoyment.