AirFLOOR-V1 is a novel LED digital display device that we customize for use in indoor and outdoor exhibition halls. Specially designed in terms of interactivity, load-bearing, protective performance and heat dissipation performance, it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling, and can realize interactive LED floor tiles for various applications such as floor, ceiling and T-stage.
Ebony technology provides
higher contrast
The display surface adopts high-fidelity black
technology to effectively protect the LED lamp
beads.Waterproof mist, abrasion resistance.

Human screen interaction, multi-touch

The AirFLOOR-V1 adds sensing interaction to the floor tile LED screen. The Floor tile LED screen is equipped with pressure sensor, capacitive sensor or infrared sensor. When the person moves on the floor screen, it can track the movement track of the person and can follow the activity of the human body to present an immediate picture effect, thus enabling actors such as actors.Walked with the audience, and the ripples and flowers bloomed under the feet.

High Load Bearing
After the load-bearing test,the maximum load capacity of a single box
is 1.8T, and the load-bearing capacity per square meter reaches 800kg or more.

Snap Lock Panel System

AirFLOOR-V1's unique snap lock panel system
ensures a precise seamless panel to panel connection.

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Technical specifications

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