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As the high-end market for big screen display applications, the control room is the core part of the daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. It plays a key role in transportation, public safety, command and dispatch, and finance industries.The big screen, which displays all kinds of information, is the carrier of the visual image and the focus of the control room. With the increase of the market scale and the rise of application level of control room.

A TV studio, or television production studio, is a room with video recording equipment installations that enable video production for television or live television production. Pre-production, production, and post-production can all take place in a TV production studio. A home TV studio is built for the same reason in the same way. Pick a room in the home, gather video or live video production equipment, and broadcasting equipment, and build it all together and here you have your very own Home TV studio. 

Home Theatre has experience working with a variety of individual styles and different types of spaces. We understand that each household has its own needs, styles, aspirations and limitations and that no two rooms are the same. With years of experience in creating custom home theatre designs, we are expertly placed to advise each customer on how best to combine their LED display, sound system, lighting and decor to produce the best possible effect.

A bright CreateLED LED will help retailers attract customers to experience the latest specials and sales through targeted, creative messaging. If its ambience that is needed, a colorful CreateLED LED wall will give off the desired impression of what the store is about through video content. The dynamic visual effects will also improve the curb appeal while drawing in future clients with cutting edge display. 

With the excellent display effect of the LED display screen and featured functions corresponding to the characteristics of the whole process from pre-meeting to post-meeting, CreateLED integrated LED display terminal perfectly fuses hardware and software into one to help implement an easy, convenient, efficient and intelligent meeting, which can be well applied in various medium and large conference rooms, training rooms, lecture halls and multi-function halls for governments, military, corporations, health care, education, etc. 

CreateLED's XR and ICVFX solution integrates ournext-gen flip-chip COB LED display with non-reflectivesurface combined with professional wireless cameratracking systems and world's faster media servers.Compatible with all professional real-time VFX platformsand interactive lighting systems, our solution deliversphotoreal virtual environments for use in film production,broadcast,commercial showrooms and more other applications.

Creative messaging is how advertisers promote their brands and gain market share. Let the method be an CreateLED Outdoor AirMEDIA-D solution. Billboard and Digital signage LED incorporate bright colors and vivid imagery while conveying the advertisers targeted message to the audience, which yields to sale performance and greater brand recognition. Whether it’s a standard size outdoor LED display for a shopping mall, enhance your advertising message with an LED display by creating high impact visual experiences that reach multiple clients per day. 

CreateLED provides the best turnkey stadium solutions that will provide creative advertising and stadium information, whether it’s on the field or inside the stadium concourse. Advertise the next big game on the exterior of the stadium or display important safety messaging on each level of the venue.

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