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CreateLED the Beautiful Sky Art Gallery for the Headquarters of Rihuan

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Getting close to CES 2020, new year,new show, new surprise, and we got new solutions for you. In our dictionary, we make things happen. Las Vegas Convention Center NO:16747, we get you something more than amazing....
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Why LED video walls are replacing LCD panels as the best choice?

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Places of Worship

Bring your House of Worship to life with a vibrant, stunning display that captures your audience's attention. There are many great reasons to incorporate a digital display into your House of Worship, many ways to use the LED screens, and there are a few things you can do to ensure that your LED display is well maintained and has a long life.


Why use an LED Display?

In a House of Worship, there are many applications for a digital display. Church leaders can use the LED screens when delivering a sermon or for displaying song lyrics. LED displays allow Houses of Worship to engage their audience and communicate effectively with a large crowd of individuals. Our CreateLED displays are flexible, meaning you can implement the screens for multiple uses.

When you think communication in your House of Worship, there are uses both internally and externally. Internally, consider how LED displays can increase communication efficiency with your existing audience. Externally, consider how digital screens may assist in bringing in new members. By being able to engage your audience and bring in more members, your House of Worship will be able to bring in more revenue.

How to use an LED Display?

Within your House of Worship, CreateLED offers several solutions that allow you to implement a LED screen on stage, outside or at events. The AirMAG is a great place to start because it is lightweight  thin, and offers an impeccable HD display. These LED screens can be arranged to form one large display or sets of smaller displays. It's customizable and can be used in the best way for you and your audience.

The CreateLED AirULTRA digital screens are another fantastic option and are primarily used for outdoor applications. The display is efficient, offering a HD viewing experience, while still using low power consumption. When working with CreateLED, you will work with an experienced team who can help match your needs with the products that will perform exactly as you need.

Maintaining an LED Display

Did you know that the lifespan of a LED screen is 2.5 times as long as a projector? Making the upgrade to a digital display means an investment into technology that lasts. Make your investment last longer with regular maintenance. The CreateLED team works with you and your House of Worship to plan regular maintenance that will involve keeping your investment clean, working, and fix any defects.

If you are a leader or member of a House of Worship that is looking to increase membership, revenue, and engagement, a LED display is the perfect solution.


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Bring your House of Worship to life with a vibrant, stunning display that captures your audience’s attention. There are many great reasons to incorporate a digital display into your House of Worship...

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