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Getting close to CES 2020, new year,new show, new surprise, and we got new solutions for you. In our dictionary, we make things happen. Las Vegas Convention Center NO:16747, we get you something more than amazing....
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Why LED video walls are replacing LCD panels as the best choice?

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LED Displays in the RETAIL industry


What LED Displays can do for Retail Stores

Many retailers are scrambling to find ways to bring more customers into stores and drive more sales in brick-and-mortar locations, rather than online. You don’t have to be one of the retailers scrambling, by leveraging the power of LED screens, you will create a unique experience that customers will not want to miss. Digital displays are transforming the retail experience by driving customers into stores, creating a memorable shopping experience, and increasing point-of-purchase sales.

Drive Customers Into Retail Stores with Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is the idea of creating a seamless experience for your customers, regardless of where they receive information about your brand. This strategy is a great way to drive customers into your stores and having a vibrant, engaging LED display can be one of the many channels you utilize to do this. An example of omnichannel marketing is using a cohesive marketing campaign on social media, in TV advertisements, and using LED screens in stores. By doing this, customers have three opportunities to interact with your brand and understand your message.
Omnichannel marketing increases revenue in stores because it takes customers multiple times to remember and act upon your messaging. Digital displays serve the purpose of being the final carrier of the message in stores. It is the final push to encourage a customer to make the purchase that they have experienced multiple times before.

Making a Memorable Shopping Experience

When you get your customers into your retail store once, that is great, but how do you ensure customers keep coming back? By making the shopping experience unique and memorable. It must surpass the convenience of online shopping. Use indoor LED screens to enhance the experience. Whether you use the display to showcase new products, vibrant brand centric videos, or offer discounts, a digital display can be customized to meet create your brand’s messaging in a new and exciting way. With these displays in stores, customers will remember the positive experience and keep coming back.


Increasing Point-of-Purchase Sales

Many times customers come to stores with a product in mind, but you can maximize your earning potential by upselling your customers. In retail, the upsell often comes from point-of-purchase sales. Digital screens are the perfect solution to capture your audience’s attention at the point-of-purchase without training your employees to make the hard sell — let your custom LED display do the work for you.
The competition in retail spaces is tough, but by using LED displays, you will lead the industry. Use LED screens in omnichannel marketing to bring customers into stores, create a memorable shopping experience with digital displays, and drive point-of-purchase sales with an engaging, visual LED screen.

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