TV-46 Product Overview

CreateLED's TV-46 LED display is particularly suited to ultra-high definition (UHD) indoor applications.  The high contrast ratio, superior colour fidelity and mechanical accuracy of theTV-46 range combine impeccably to form the ultimate high resolution indoor LED display. TV-46 is used extensively in command and control rooms, broadcast studios, and the high-end retail market.

TV-46 Show Video

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Extreme detail and ultra-small spacing

Focus on the details, TV-46LED light group achieves smaller spacing to meet the needs of higher-definition screen playback

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The TV-46 panels adopts aluminum alloy material with high heat dissipation, and the convection hole is designed according to the principle of air convection, so that the internal heat can be dissipated more quickly, the electrical performance is stabilized, the aging attenuation curve of the LED lamp and the brightness of the screen are improved, and extend the life of the screen.

2K/4K/8K resolution easily achieved.

  The TV-46  adopts 16:9 scale desigh, convenient splicing 16:9 large screen


TV-46 Application case

TV-46 is used extensively in the retail, broadcast, and entertainment industries and is available in a variety of pixel pitch options to suit all applications.


Technical Specifications