Sport Stadiums

Sport Stadiums
Features of applications in Sports:

1. Easy to install and maintain.

2. Wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, high gray level.

3. Allow remote monitoring.

4. Broadcast friendly solution with seemless information clarity.

5. Multiple windows on one screen, with different contents for different regions.

6. Pixel pitch varies for different competition events .

When it comes to sport events, a must have is a professional LED display. LED displays provide dynamic information for stadium sponsors while also enhancing the fan experience to those in attendance with crystal clear replavs scoring updates, fun creative entertainment, and most importantly...the the scene of celebrating victory! From junior varsity to the pro level, CreateLED provides the best turnkey stadium solutions.Our LED displays can be used for playing creative advertisement and stadium information, whether it’s on the field or inside the stadium concourse,and also propagandizing the next big game on LED screen of the exterior of the stadium or displaying important safety information on the each floor of the venue.

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