Conference Room

Conference Room
Features of applications in Conference Room:

1. Excellent screen display.

Narrow pitch LED display with HDR, 24bit color processing depth and brightness chroma precise calibration technology provides unparalleled exquisite picture quality and visual feast, providing a comfortable atmosphere for meeting rooms.

2. High interactivity and efficiency.

CreateLED integrated LED display solution supports multi-interface friendly and intelligent control. Therefore, the solution can mobilize the meeting atmosphere, provide information visualization, and improve the efficiency and interactivity of decision making.

3. Safe and stable, quiet operation.

The LED display has high electromagnetic compatibility, which ensures the stable operation of the system and prevents electromagnetic interference between the conference site and other equipment. Zero noise design provides a quiet operating environment.

4. Pre-maintenance, saving maintenance space

CREATELED's unique pre-maintenance thin structure design not only makes installation quick and saves the required space, but also meets various splicing requirements, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.

CreateLED integrated LED display terminal with outstanding display effect, as well as the corresponding features of the whole process of the meeting, the perfect integration of hardware and software into one, helps realize easy, convenient, efficient and intelligent meetings, which can be well used in various large and medium-sized conference rooms, training rooms, lecture halls and multi-function halls of government, military, enterprises, medical and education.

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