Monitoring Command Center

Control Room
Features of applications in control room:

1. Ultra-high resolution for high definition and refined display.

2. Able to access, process, control, and display multiple signals, complex signals.

3. Allow 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, with high stability and reliability.

4. Advanced capability of data and power redundant.

5. Low noise, low heat generation.

6. Good for long-time viewing.

As the high-end market for big screen display applications, the control room is the core part of the daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. It plays a key role in transportation, public safety, command and dispatch, and finance industries.The big screen, which displays all kinds of information, is the carrier of the visual image and the focus of the control room. With the increase of the market scale and the rise of application level of control room, the fine pixel pitch LED display is increasingly winning its role as the "main force" and becoming the dominant element of the market increment.

The dual backup redundancy design of the power supply, system and signal of the Optoelectronic AirTV series is created and displayed automatically without delay. Information such as the business system, working conditions and police resources can be displayed in full screen, split screen and hanging screen, and the switching is fast and convenient. The broadcast level gray processing technology fully displays image details, nanosecond response time, and eliminates practical problems such as tailing and ghosting. It is widely used in military command center, traffic command center, data center, video monitoring, energy dispatching center and other fields.

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